As a franchisee in Adsnet Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Being a franchisee, you have to simply start your business by registering yourself with the company. A One Person Company as it has similar compliance requirements to that of a Pvt. Ltd.

1. Register your account with the company . Start with the registration fees of Rs.51,000 (non-refundable) to become a business associate and start working with us.

2. Provide 1 copy of each essentials documents after submission of registration fees.
• Aadhar card
• Matric Certificate
• Higher Qualification Certificate
• Scanned Photograph
• Bank Account with IFSC code/Cancelled Cheque
• Nominee Details

3. Provide your complete address

4. Contact no. and email id.

5. After the registration company will provide following kit:

(A) Kit Contains

  • DSR
    Visiting Card
    Company Documents
    Business Agreement (Between Both Party)

(B) Training that will help you to generate leads.

6. Now, you are ready to work as a franchisee.